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Access Server 2.7.4 Update

Load Sharing Easier Than Ever Before with NEW Access Server 2.7.4 Update

PLEASANTON, CALIF.– (August 20, 2019) – OpenVPN is releasing a powerful new update to our commercial business VPN product. The Access Server 2.7.4 update features clustering. Our customers are now able to run a high availability server cluster while spreading the load over multiple nodes.

“With the cluster feature, it’s now possible to run multiple Access Server nodes that accept the same credentials and certificates for your users,” says Rohit Kalbag, Senior Product Manager at OpenVPN. “This means you can provide active-active redundancy and horizontally scale your deployment to meet the increased connectivity demands from your users.”

The cluster solution allows users to use a MySQL-like database (MySQL, MariaDB, or Amazon RDS) to centrally store certificates and user credentials. Multiple Access Servers can attach to this central database in clustering mode and offer VPN services with higher capacity and more extensive availability.

The new update will make it easier for businesses to scale along with Access Server.

“Scaling up has always been a high priority for our users,” says Francis Dinha, CEO of OpenVPN. “This new feature means we’ll be able to support their growth in more powerful ways than ever before.”

The new capability uses a DNS-based round-robin system to spread the load and run a high-availability Access Server. This kind of scalability is crucial for Access Server users, who have enjoyed similarly impressive updates in recent months — including support for Secure LDAP protocol, released this past December.

“We’re always working to improve our product based on our users’ needs,” Dinha explains. “Whether it’s simplifying access, improving scalability, or amplifying security as technology changes — our goal is to stay continually agile.”

AS 2.7.4 includes fixes for issues related to upgrading to cluster mode and improves the usability of the administrator user interface.

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