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Recap from the September 17th, 2019 CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast

by Lydia Pert

Nearly 84% of businesses increased their cloud-based workloads in 2018, but lack of network visibility could compromise security and business value. Network visibility refers to how data is collected, aggregated, distributed, and served to monitoring and analytics tools — and study after study shows that cloud users want and need this visibility. When polled, nine out of ten respondents expressed that access to packet data is needed for effective monitoring. This is because the cloud users are ultimately responsible for security, regardless of the cloud provider maintaining the service.

Modern networking technologies can be extremely beneficial on an enterprise network — but then businesses have to deal with increased complexity. This complexity transfers to the ability to monitor and measure performance, and often causes an overall decrease in network visibility. Fortunately, cloud-based network visibility solutions are beginning to emerge on the market, making it possible to gain end-to-end network insights.

Increase Your Network Visibility

Organizations should strive for comprehensive network visibility for several reasons:

  1. Network visibility makes it easier to identify problems as soon as they pop up — leading to lightning fast responses and fixes.
  2. Network visibility is crucial to security efforts. Network visibility makes it possible to monitor network traffic for malicious behavior and potential threats such as unauthorized access to the network and hidden malware.
  3. Network visibility improves application monitoring, which allows you to more fully optimize business application performance. You can filter traffic to the proper tools and track who is using each application, and when.
  4. Visibility can improve auditing and security of the overall network. Knowing exactly where data comes from and where it goes can help secure digitally formatted intellectual property.
  5. Network visibility and business value are directly linked — and IT and IT performance directly impact an organization's bottom line.

Network visibility offers a wide range of benefits, and it can help your company grow and scale. Comprehensive network visibility sheds light on trends to see areas where network data is increasing, and at what rate. This can help organizations plan for growth and prevent last minute scrambling to catch up. Effective network visibility helps you scale your network – and your business.

Empower Your IT Team

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Technology is such an integral part of the 21st-century workplace that any business without a strong and involved IT team are likely to fail. If you are just sticking your IT team in the back until someone needs a new keyboard, you are leaving money on the table and potentially letting criminals walk right through your cyber door.

Network visibility gives IT professionals the ability to monitor and control users, applications, and devices. It allows them to reduce or eliminate downtime, effectively manage threats, troubleshoot better and faster, and help plan for organizational growth. IT is one of the most valuable assets in any business, directly adding to growth and the bottom line — so don’t stick them in a corner. Give them a seat at the table and the ability to expand network visibility. Your entire business will grow as a result!

In addition to comprehensive network visibility, you can also implement OpenVPN Access Server to increase overall data security and scale your business better and faster.

  • Economical licensing model based on the number of concurrent connected devices
  • Rock solid, hardened, and scalable VPN server that is easy to set up and manage
  • Ability to set up fine-grained access controls at user and group levels
  • Cloud Application Marketplace availability for AWS, GCP, and Azure
  • Support for both site-to-site and remote access virtual networking
  • Easy distribution of VPN clients and connection profiles

OpenVPN Access Server is free to install and use for a maximum of 2 simultaneous VPN connections, so you can try it without having to pay first.

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