My perpetual license key does not work anymore?

Years ago, with Access Server version 1.8.4 and older, we sold what were labeled perpetual license keys. The conditions with these keys were the same as they are now with one exception; when the expiration date was reached, the license key would not disappear off the server by itself. It would instead remain activated as long as the server was not altered. When Access Server 1.8.5 was released, we have introduced a new licensing system and stopped selling these type of license keys. License keys sold now will disappear off the server when the expiration date is reached. But we still honor the old perpetual license keys under the conditions they were sold under.

If you have upgraded your older OpenVPN Access Server program to a modern version and your perpetual license key has disappeared, then downgrade your OpenVPN Access Server program back to 1.8.4 or older. That type of license key only works on the older versions of OpenVPN Access Server. If during your upgrade you didn't only upgrade the OpenVPN Access Server installation package, but instead did an installation on a new operating system or new server, or otherwise changed the hardware/software properties of the system that the license key was originally activated on, and your license key is expired, then your license key is lost and we point out the paragraph below which applied in the past just as it does now:

All license keys sold for OpenVPN Access Server are single-activation and lock to the hardware and software properties that you installed the license key on. If you want to move your license key to another installation, this is only ever possible when the license key is not expired. We only provide support on license keys if the license key is not expired. This was the case in the past, and still is the case now. So if you come to us with a request to move a license key from one Access Server to another, and the license key is expired, we cannot help you. If the license key is not expired, we will gladly help you to move the license key.