Bad Actors Can’t Attack What They Can’t Find

Intrinsic protection for your private networks and applications using multi-tenancy, cloaking, and network segmentation.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Safety For the Benefits of the Cloud.

Cloud services deliver unmatched scalability and save both time and money. But exposing your cloud assets to the public internet comes with security concerns (e.g., DDoS) that require hardening. An OpenVPN Cloud wide-area private network (WPC) is a better way to secure network connectivity and keep applications and services private.


A multi-pronged approach to protecting your network and enabling reliable connectivity

Our multi-tenant cloud-delivered service creates a dedicated worldwide private overlay network, with built-in security features, exclusively for your use.

  • No VPN Servers

    Block attacks on a specific customer or network by refusing inbound connections and using our multi-tenant service to reduce your attack surface.

  • Transfer DoS Risk

    OpenVPN Cloud, offered as a service, uses 30+ worldwide Points of Presence (PoP) for all incoming connections to protect your company from DoS and DDoS attacks.

  • Automatic Microsegmentation

    OpenVPN Cloud automatically microsegments to prevent lateral movement and restrict routes to authorized microsegments based on a connected entity’s authorized IP services.

  • Network Cloaking

    Domain-based routing, an OpenVPN exclusive, cloaks your private network IP address ranges from discovery by using domain names for routing.


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OpenVPN helps you easily create a secure, virtualized, reliable network that ensures secure communications between your networks, applications, devices, and workforce.