Route Traffic With Domain Names, Not IP Addresses

Put an end to IP address-based routing with Application Domain-based Routing.

Intelligent Routing Using Memorable, Recognizable Domain Names

Routing traffic to your connected private networks and accessing resources using IP addresses can get complicated. Instead of providing IP address subnets as routes to your private networks, Application Domain-based Routing, an OpenVPN Cloud feature, lets you easily route traffic to applications distributed among your various connected private networks using the application’s domain name as a route to the network where that application resides.


Use domain names instead of IP address subnets to simplify network routing

OpenVPN Cloud Application Domain-based Routing adds domain name awareness to sophisticated routing logic so you can define routes to connected networks using domain names instead of — or in addition to — IP address subnets.

  • Route to networks with overlapping IP ranges

    Differentiate your networks with overlapping IP address ranges based on domain names. Now, you can use hostnames to route to the correct host on the right network.

  • Enforce Zero Trust

    Application domain-based routing lets you configure all your applications making it easier to use zero trust and minimum privilege principles by configuring proper access controls.

  • Prevent Lateral Movement

    To prevent network discovery and port scanning, your private network IP address subnets aren’t sent as routes on connection and can’t directly receive traffic.

  • Secure SaaS application access

    Specify public SaaS app domain names as network routes to your Internet Gateway to route SaaS traffic through the WPC, even with Split Tunnel ON.


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