Preprogram Your Internet Routing
with Internet Gateway Selection

Configure how internet traffic is routed from your networks, servers, and devices.

A Sophisticated, Modern Approach to Secure Internet Access

When direct access to the internet is not secure enough, you need a more sophisticated approach. With Internet Gateway Selection, you can control which private network is used as an internet gateway for your diverse networks, servers, and devices.

Move away from a one-size-fits-all secure network connectivity approach and manage the load on your network — while reducing cost and complexity.


Control your internet routing exit points, and pin the path to your internet gateways

OpenVPN Cloud automatically selects the best Internet Gateway based on user connection location and other factors. Admins can override automatic selection by designating an Internet Gateway set for specific users.

  • Control who uses which Internet Gateways

    Customize your company’s needs for internet traffic control based on teams, departments, networks, and other criteria

  • Efficient load distribution

    Direct users, devices, and/or networks to unique Internet Gateways based on their bandwidth consumption

  • Match needs with Internet Gateway capabilities

    Specify Internet Gateway networks for specific user groups and networks based on different security controls (e.g., devices, operating systems)


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