Preprogram Your Internet Routing
with Internet Gateway Selection

Configure how internet traffic is routed from your networks, servers, and devices.

A Sophisticated, Modern Approach to Secure Internet Access

When direct access to the internet is not secure enough, you need a more sophisticated approach. With Internet Gateway Selection, you can control which private network is used as an internet gateway for your diverse networks, servers, and devices.

Move away from a one-size-fits-all secure network connectivity approach and manage the load on your network — while reducing cost and complexity.


Control your internet routing exit points, and pin the path to your internet gateways

Cloud Connexa automatically selects the best Internet Gateway based on user connection location and other factors. Admins can override automatic selection by designating an Internet Gateway set for specific users.

  • Control who uses which Internet Gateways

    Customize your company’s needs for internet traffic control based on teams, departments, networks, and other criteria

  • Efficient load distribution

    Direct users, devices, and/or networks to unique Internet Gateways based on their bandwidth consumption

  • Match needs with Internet Gateway capabilities

    Specify Internet Gateway networks for specific user groups and networks based on different security controls (e.g., devices, operating systems)


An internet gateway is an exit point within a private network that operates as an egress to the public internet. For Cloud Connexa, a Network can be configured to function as an internet gateway to route public internet traffic for Networks, Hosts, or User Groups.

Smart routing determines the best internet gateway based on:

  • The geographic proximity of the WPC Region that is the source of the traffic to the WPC Region of the Network’s Connector,
  • The network characteristics of the connectivity between source and destination WPC Regions

You can also specifically select one or multiple Internet Gateways per User Group, Network, and Host

One or more Networks can be set to act as an exit point for public internet traffic that enters your WPC. To learn how read Adding VPN Egress.

Split Tunnel is a configuration setting of the tunnel that connects the device to Cloud Connexa. It can be set to select what kind of traffic is sent through the tunnel. All traffic (even internet traffic) is sent through the tunnel when set to OFF. When set to ON, only specific traffic configured to be routed to Cloud Connexa enters the tunnel, and general internet traffic does not.

Yes — You can configure multiple Internet Gateways to route internet traffic. To learn more, read User Guide - VPN with multiple VPN Egress locations.

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