OpenVPN Cloud User Group

What is it?

A User Group allows for a set of Users to share common settings as it pertains to:

Who should use this?

All new Users are added to an existing User Group called ‘Default.’ An administrator should create a new User Group if the settings associated with the Default Group are not suitable for all users.

Why should I use this?

User Groups facilitate a means to differentiate between sets of Users that need a different configuration

Show me how to configure it?

When should I make use of this?

Examples of use would be:

  • To provide role-based access controls to users, User Groups such as Management, Employee, Contractors can be created.
  • To provide department based access controls, User Groups such as Finance, IT, HR can be created
  • A User Group can be created to constrain the set of available VPN Regions for connection
  • A User Group can be created to differentiate based on type of Internet Access, Access Controls, Authenitcation type, and the number of maximum devices allowed per User.