Release notes

OpenVPN Connect version 3.3

Release date: June 2021


OpenVPN Connect 3.3 provides users with new functionality as well as improvements and bug fixes. We’re introducing a command line interface to the Windows app, and adding support for #PKCS11 physical tokens such as Yubikey. Here are the highlights of the release:

  • Added command line interface. Refer to Command Line functionality for OpenVPN Connect.
  • Added support for PKCS11 hardware tokens. Refer to Support of #PKCS11 physical tokens for OpenVPN Connect.
  • Updated OpenVPN 3 library to 3.6.2 version.
  • Added captive portal detection.
  • Added network loss detection.
  • Added new functionality for software updates.
  • Replaced reconnect on reboot setting with launch options
  • Added external certificates on Windows 7.
  • Added an Advanced Settings section.
  • Added colorful tray icons to show connection status.
  • Removed insecure AES-CBC cipher algorithm option from Settings.
  • Various bug fixes and UX improvements.

For more details about each of these, refer to OpenVPN Connect for Windows change log.