Final beta for AS 2.5 released

We have updated our Access Server 2.5 beta 2 release to version beta 3, to address some problems discovered when upgrading from much older Access Servers that were running with PolarSSL (now known as mbed TLS), and to improve handling of deletion of a user that is currently connected to the server. Another useful fix we've included is the ability for Connect Client for Windows to handle multiple DNS Resolution Zones instead of just one, and some other minor DNS related fixes in Connect Client for Windows. This will be the final beta release we will be making for Access Server 2.5 before moving it to stable. We expect to be able to push this release to stable within a week or two.

For details we suggest you head on over to the beta release page.

We welcome any feedback, good or bad, and kindly suggest you do so using our support ticket system, and to please notify us that you are testing the beta release, and not the stable release, when you make a report to us. Instructions on how to leave feedback are also mentioned on the beta release page.