Economical and flexible pricing with Access Server subscriptions.

Never pay for more than what you need. Your first two VPN connections are free.

  • Share connections
  • Automate Deployment
  • Maximize VPN Usage

Calculate the cost of your subscription.

Two free, 10 minimum and any amount up to 2000 for self-service.

The plan calculator requires a modern browser.

Access Server subscriptions are based on the needed number of simultaneous VPN connections. While others charge based on the number of CPU cores or the bandwidth of the server, OpenVPN does not.


Activate the same subscription multiple times. Your subscription activation key stays the same.


Access Server can share VPN connections across the same subscription. For high-availability or cluster setups, only one subscription is needed.


Never locked to hardware, you get ease of use with automated deployments.


Add connections and only pay the prorated amount. Scale down connections, and get credit for your next purchase or renewal.


Set your subscription on cruise control with automated renewals.


Are subscriptions free to try with Access Server?

Yes! Two connections are available for free with no restrictions on features for OpenVPN Access Server. Create an account here.

Do I need to create a new subscription if I want to add more connections?

You don’t need to purchase a different subscription to replace the existing one in case your VPN Connections need to change. The existing subscription can be amended to meet your needs.

I need more than 2000 connections. Who should I contact?

We offer custom VPN connections packages of 2000 and above. To discuss your options, please contact us at

Can I purchase between 2 and 10 connections?

Ten VPN connections is the minimum we offer for our subscription service.

How do I cancel a subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time and unused funds will be credited to your account for future usage. For refunds, contact