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Businesses rely on their team to keep their network resources secure.

With more business transitioning to the cloud, breaches are a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if.’ Organizations must be ready to address hackers head on.

With companies so focused on external threats, they often overlook one of the most serious risks out there: their employees.

The Risks Associated With Unsecure Network Resources

of cyber breaches are caused by employee negligence or malice.

of employees reuse the same password for everything.

admit to clicking on unverified links.

Your Solution

This danger can be mitigated — with OpenVPN Access Server.

Create an economical, isolated and secure private network for your employees - whether they work in the office on-site or remotely.

Use Cases How Access Server Is Helping Businesses

Company: A technology services company that creates specialized applications for the communications industry has a sales presence in major markets worldwide.

Problem: The sales team are on-the-road and at customer locations for a majority of their time.

These road warriors access SaaS tools to get their work done: CRM, time management, HR and expense, travel, email, office productivity applications — all through SaaS.

The sales people also need to access the company’s internal network in order to demonstrate the specialized application to potential clients.

The problem is: security considerations varies vastly between these SaaS tools.

Solution: Our product, Access Server, was installed in the Headquarters location to provide access to the internal network that housed all the components needed for sales demonstrations.

LDAP user authentication was also set up with a central identity solution.

Now, with a single credential, the sales staff can use all their SaaS applications — securely.

They are more productive, and access management to both the internal network and SaaS application is managed at one control point.

Easier for the IT team, and powerful access for the sales staff.

Company: A startup in the Financial Technology space is creating a revolutionary service to provide guidance on investing decisions.

Problem: This startup relies on huge financial news and social media datasets to create complex decision guidance and forecasting models. It stores this data on AWS Cloud and uses Amazon's SageMaker ML services.

The company needed to provide secure direct access to these services when employees were at the office, and also when telecommuting.

Solution: OpenVPN Access Server was used along with Connect Clients on employees' laptops.

The startup installed Access Server from Amazon Marketplace, and added all employees as users.

Now the office network has access to AWS Cloud resources via the VPN, and employees at the office can get direct access to cloud-hosted data and processing power.

Employees can also easily access cloud resources from their laptops while away from office, using the Connect Client application.



Provide secure remote access to internal data.


Block unauthorized access to your internal databases.


Deploy end-to-end encryption.


Extend your centralized unified threat management to remote networks.


Increase mobile workforce productivity by providing remote access.

With OpenVPN, You’re In Good Hands

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