Block All Internet Access Except to Destinations You Trust

Restricted Internet Access, a Cloud Connexa feature, builds an impenetrable wall around your network and the internet.

Allow Access to ONLY Configured Internet Destinations

Restricted Internet Access, a built-in Cloud Connexa feature, allows you to block all internet access for select user groups and networks, except to the trusted configured internet destination, thus reducing the attack surface and shielding users from cyber threats.


Get a modern approach to secure network connectivity that meets the needs of a virtualized workforce

Restricted Internet Access reduces the need for additional security devices (e.g., UTM) by limiting communication to private and trusted internet destinations.

  • Security for IoT devices

    Specialized devices don't need broad internet access; block their internet access to everything except necessary internet services.

  • IDS/IPS and tunneling

    Traffic to trusted internet destinations is always encrypted and tunneled to your WPC; for additional security, Cyber Shield IDS/IPS functionality can now examine the traffic.

  • IP addresses and Domain Names

    Trusted applications can be configured using both internet domain name and IP address ranges.

  • Reduce security costs

    As the only internet destinations being accessed by devices are trusted public applications, the need to invest in a full stack of internet security tools decreases.


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