One Business, Multiple Wide-area Private Clouds (WPCs)

Create multiple WPCs for your business using the same Cloud Connexa account.

Use a Single Account to Create and Manage Multiple WPCs.

Cloud Connexa combines superior utility and usability so you can create and manage multiple wide-area private clouds (WPCs) from a single Owner account. This flexibility lets network administrators isolate WPCs for different departments or environments, and MSPs can manage multiple end customers.


Quickly and easily configure CloudConnexa to support multiple WPCs

At OpenVPN, we never stop looking for ways to improve our cloud-based virtual networking platform. And we strive to make it as easy as possible for you to use.

  • Multiple Independent WPCs

    Create and manage multiple WPCs for different departments, environments, or companies within your existing Cloud Connexa account.

  • Consolidated Network Visibility

    Cloud Connexa makes it easy to manage multiple organizations and networks from a single admin portal, eliminating the need to switch between organizations or departments.

  • Separate Budgets

    Each WPC is associated with a different subscription, so you can specify a unique budget based on the division or department assigned to the WPC.

  • Isolate Purpose-specific Networks

    For easier configuration and more manageable access rules, dedicate one WPC for IoT communications, one for remote access, and one for site-to-site.


Cloud Connexa creates a virtually dedicated worldwide private network exclusively for your use. This virtual overlay network is called a Wide-area Private Cloud (WPC). The WPC is identified with the Cloud Connexa ID. This network is dedicated to connecting your distributed applications, private networks, and users while providing the built-in security services for IDS/IPS, Content filtering, firewall, and access control. See

In Cloud Connexa, multi-WPC means that multiple Wide-area Private Clouds can be created within a single Cloud Connexa account. Each of these WPCs can be dedicated for a special purpose or for exclusive use by a specific department in your organization. Users can switch between the available WPCs they have access to from the Cloud Connexa ID drop-down menu.

Only the Owner role can create Multiple WPCs.

Owners can create Multiple WPCs from an existing Cloud Connexa account in one of two ways:

  • From the Cloud ID Menu, select the Cloud ID drop-down menu, and click Add Cloud ID.
  • From the Billing page by clicking on the User drop-down menu, clicking Subscription, and clicking Add Subscription.

ZTNA or Zero Trust Network Access is a network security model that operates on 3 core principles:

  • Always verify – Do not assume an entities identity
  • Least privilege – Give access to only the resources the user, device, or application should have
  • Assume breach – A proactive approach to network security that includes reducing the attack surface and isolating potential threats

CloudConnexa allows Owners and Administrators to:

  • Use SSO Authentication with LDAP, and SAML to connect to their WPC.
  • Limit access to only specific resources by configuring access controls to select User Groups, Networks, or Hosts with Access Groups.
  • Provide access to applications using domain names instead of the network to reduce your attack surface — eliminating lateral movement to other network resources from potential threats.

Network lateral movement is a technique used by cybercriminals to move through a compromised network to search for additional vulnerabilities and data.

Yes, you can activate Subscription Sharing across all WPCs under one account. Simply submit your request to our Customer Success Team at Submit a request – OpenVPN Support Center.

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