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Device Identity Verification & Enforcement (DIVE)

What is it?

CloudConnexa's Device Identity Verification & Enforcement (DIVE) is a Wide-area Private Cloud (WPC) security policy that strengthens your Network and Host security posture and reduces your attack surface by locking digital certificates (contained within the .ovpn Profile) to specific devices, allowing only authorized devices to connect to your WPC.

Who should use this?

CloudConnexa Owners and Administrators who want to restrict the use of untrusted devices.

Why should I use this?

DIVE establishes a 1:1 relationship between CloudConnexa Profile and Device, thereby establishing a trusted connection and only allowing authorized devices to connect to the WPC.

Show me how to configure it

User Guide - Device Identity Verification & Enforcement (DIVE)

When should I use this?

By default, DIVE is set to Off. This feature should be enabled to improve security. DIVE can be used to ensure that only authorized devices can connect to your WPC and that the profile from a compromised device cannot be used on another device to gain entry.