Case Study: Sirius Computer Solutions

Prevent Unauthorized Network Access

Sirius Computer Solutions provides technology-based business solutions that span the enterprise, including the data center. The company focuses on customized solutions to help businesses manage operations while optimizing IT services. Sirius Helps Clients Become More Innovative, Agile, and Secure.

The Challenge

Sirius Computer Solutions has several projects in progress that are behind a firewall and must stay protected from external traffic. The company had tried a number of solutions on the market, as well as some in-house solutions — but the authentication pieces were not working the way they needed. Sirius Computer Solutions needed a secure solution that would prevent unauthorized access to the developer’s environment.

Our Solution

OpenVPN Access Server was integrated with two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator. Sirius Computer Solutions could ensure that users in the network are authenticated and authorized to work on projects behind the firewall. In addition, the OpenVPN Access Server Administrator portal displays user connection access logs. The logs show when a user connected, for how long, when people logged onto the web interface, how much data they've used, and if there were any simple types of errors when authenticating and connecting. This added level of security and visibility provides Sirius admins with a high-level view of who is working in the network — allowing even greater levels of oversight and network control.

Even greater levels of oversight and network control. That's Access Server.

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