Case Studies

Case Studies

A VPN For All Circumstances

As more and more employees shift from working in the office to working in their homes, companies are utilizing a wide range of tools to make the transition successful. From video conferencing applications to project management software, from time tracking programs to security solutions. Many companies are increasing their use of these tools, using them in new ways, or adopting them for the very first time.

One solution that companies are implementing and utilizing more than ever before is the Virtual Private Network — the VPN. A Virtual Private Network provides businesses with a securely encrypted connection to a network over the public Internet. Organizations are realizing like never before how important it is to have a reliable and reputable VPN in place. Many of these organizations are turning to OpenVPN as their solution of choice.

Take a look at why companies all around the world are using OpenVPN:

For Remote Access

Tessian is a software company that seeks to secure all human-digital interactions within the enterprise. Their products use stateful machine learning to protect people using email and to prevent threats like spear-phishing, accidental data loss due to misdirected emails, data exfiltration and other non-compliant email activity.

Tessian understands how essential it is for employees to be able to access company resources from anywhere in the world. For that reason, they implemented OpenVPN to provide a remote access solution for their workforce.

“In any remote-working environment, secure access to network resources is the top priority. If employees can’t access their work, they can’t do their jobs. And, to prevent employees from sending work emails to personal accounts or exfiltrating data, organizations have to implement a solution that extends to different sites, devices, and users. We use OpenVPN. In addition to extending centralized unified threat management to remote networks, encryption ensures privacy on different Wi-Fi networks.”

For Cybersecurity

the digital hub

The Digital Hub is a cluster of technology, digital media, and internet companies in Ireland. The hub consists of almost 75 companies located in eight buildings, collectively employing 700 people. It is the largest enterprise cluster of its kind in Ireland.

The Digital Hub rightfully places a strong emphasis on digital security, and made sure to implement a VPN that would provide a high level of security. The Digital Hub is confident in allowing teams to work remotely, knowing that their network access will be just as safe as it would in the office.

“Our VPN enables remote workers to securely access our private network and access resources such as internal servers, printers etc. as if they were in our head office. We use an OpenVPN based VPN which is an open source VPN solution. This type of VPN can be hosted behind an existing firewall/router and can be installed on existing hardware or virtual infrastructure.”

For Better Bandwidth

Big Eye Deers is a design and development agency. Specialising in eCommerce web design and development, their developers are experts at coding powerful bespoke builds.

Even when their employees are working from home, Big Eye Deers is still able to ensure high speeds for their teams. They achieve this by configuring their VPN to allow split tunneling. With split tunneling, only traffic that is destined for the subnets on your Internal LAN will go through the VPN tunnel. Other traffic goes through the employee’s normal Internet connection.

“For this to work, we begin with the VPN client – the interface where you manage your VPN connections. At Big Eye Deers we used OpenVPN. We chose to deploy an OpenVPN CE instance due to its support for split tunneling. This allowed us to route traffic to our servers through the VPN, reducing server load on the VPN, in addition to not interfering with traffic to other sites such as banks / social media, etc.”

For Ease of Installation

Roundtable Software provides effective software configuration management to software development departments and companies in countries worldwide.

The team at Roundtable Software places high value on a secure remote access solution that can be deployed quickly and easily. With OpenVPN, they can implement and extend their capabilities for any and all situations. No matter where employees are working, when, or for how long, the company can always keep business moving forward as usual.

“At Roundtable Software, we use OpenVPN to support and secure our remote connections. One of the deployment options is an ESXi virtual appliance. Having a preconfigured virtual machine makes it super simple to quickly deploy it to our ESXi server, configure as needed, and, most importantly, get going.”

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