Case Study: BullyingCanada

Serve the Community Securely

BullyingCanada is the only national anti-bullying charity dedicated entirely to creating a brighter future for bullied youth. What began as a youth-created website to bring bullied kids together and provide information and resources is now a full 24/7 support service. On any day of the year, at any time, youth, parents, coaches, and teachers can contact BullyingCanada by phone, online chat, or email to get help. Their Support Team has more than 215 highly-trained volunteers standing by at all times to help those in need.

The Challenge

Having a reliable VPN is important for BullyingCanada so that they can safeguard the information entrusted to them by their donors, the at-risk youth reaching out for help, and their employees and volunteers. They also have a diverse team spread out all across Canada, and they needed a secure way to connect to resources. In the past BullyingCanada relied solely on the built-in security on their remote desktop solutions. But because of the sensitive nature of the information they handle, they knew they needed to find something with stronger and more reliable data security.

Our Solution

BullyingCanada was able to continue providing remote desktop access to their employees and volunteers, and use OpenVPN Access Server to provide strong security and VPN access to crucial data and information. The organization found that OpenVPN was easy to configure and use and that it could be used across a wide range of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS environments. No matter where the support team members happen to be, and no matter what device they are using, they can get fast, secure access to the resources they need to help support at-risk youth.

“If security is important to you and you need an easy to use way to connect your workforce, OpenVPN is the partner you're looking for.” - Director of Public Relations for Bullying Canada

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