Case Study: Richweb

Allow Your Clients to Try Before They Buy

Richweb is a company based near Richmond, Virginia. They specialize in Cloud, Managed Services, and Web with their own Datacenter that delivers high quality engineered solutions for small to medium businesses.

The Challenge

Having a good VPN is very important to Richweb because as a trusted service provider, they need to guarantee their customers will have safe and secure connections. They had used VPN products in the past — some commercial “off the shelf” solutions, some open-source versions. But Richweb needed a way to let their clients test-drive the VPN solution — but none of the products they had used gave them the ability to provide a risk-free trial period to their clients.

Our Solution

Richweb discovered that OpenVPN Access Server can be tested on 2 VPN connections for free — with no data limits, no feature restrictions, and no expiration date. They tested Access Server themselves and decided it was the best enterprise solution available. They were then able to introduce it to their customers, and have them take advantage of the free connections as well. Now customers can test OpenVPN Access Server for themselves, completely risk-free, and Richweb can easily move them up to the right size license number. Allowing customers to test-drive the preferred security solution has allowed Richweb to maintain a competitive advantage.

“Managed services is Richweb’s IT as a Service (ITaaS) platform. It means Richweb takes the burden of managing your IT infrastructure off your company’s hands, and puts it into ours. Through managed services, our company can bring an enterprise-grade IT experience to your business.”

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