Case Study: 3DCart

Securing Business Communications

3DCart is a privately held technology company that develops e-commerce software for businesses around the globe — allowing business owners to operate and maintain successful online stores. Their eCommerce platform is built to address the business challenges inherent in successfully reaching visitors, engaging shoppers, converting sales and nurturing customers. With 3DCart software, businesses can develop a winning eCommerce strategy with a significant payoff.

The Challenge

As it continues to gain traction in the e-commerce space, 3DCart needs a solution to secure data and communication between its employees and clients. The company first invested in a solution provided by a data center. The solution was not powerful or versatile enough to fulfill the company’s needs and lacked the authentication options that 3DCart was looking for. The company’s IT Director implemented OpenVPN Access Server to better secure company data and communication.

Our Solution

3DCart installed Access Server on their network, and employees simply connect their device with our Connect Client. Access Server accepts incoming connections only if that device and user has the correct certifications. With OpenVPN Access Server, 3DCart communications are secure; outsiders can’t eavesdrop or spy.

3DCart (and every OpenVPN Access Server user) has the following deployment options:

OpenVPN Access Server accommodates Windows, macOS, Linux, and Mobile OS (Android and iOS) environments.

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