Case Study: Commercial Lender

Avoid Workplace Data Bottlenecks

This case study examines a commercial lending company that has been using OpenVPN Access Server for over 5 years. The work they do is sensitive, and the company name will be kept anonymous so that it does not become public knowledge what security solutions they use. By remaining anonymous, they reduce the risk of someone trying to break through the security measures that they have in place.

The Challenge

Having a reliable VPN is critical to this commercial lending business. It enables them to bring all of their employees into a single central network, and give them access to the resources that will make them more effective in their jobs. In the past, they used a number of traditional techniques of moving data around — such as transmitting data via email or trying to provide access physically, but those techniques just didn’t work for them. It was all too slow, ineffective, and not secure at all. The company needed an easy to use solution that could secure their data and help prevent bottlenecks in the work process.

Our Solution

OpenVPN Access Server helped the company eliminate the bottleneck that was caused by unreliable and outdated data transfer methods. Access Server is quick and easy to deploy, so the company was able to get their servers up and running in a single day, and get them out to their users with minimal effort, and no additional resources required. Employees at this commercial lending company can simply connect to VPN, and be automatically connected to all the resources they need. They no longer have to send large volumes of data by email or in hard copy form — everything they need can be communicated quickly, easily, and securely using OpenVPN Access Server.

"If you need a VPN solution that works, is cost-effective, and provides your organization with an unmatched level of security — then OpenVPN is the software for you." - Chief Technology Officer

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