Case Study: Geospatial Company

Simplified Access Control

This case study examines a company that provides a cloud-based platform for geospatial analytics. They are a remote-friendly company and hire the top talent from all across the United States. The work they do is sensitive, and the company name will be kept anonymous so that it does not become public knowledge what security solutions they use. By remaining anonymous, they reduce the risk of someone trying to break through the security measures that they have in place.

The Challenge

The company needed to provide secure access over the Public Internet to important internal resources — but the number of employees requiring remote access had grown substantially, and their existing process of whitelisting IP addresses was no longer sustainable. The company needed a new solution for its entire remote workforce, that would allow simplified access control and management.

Our Solution

OpenVPN Access Server provided the company with a robust VPN solution that enabled remote employees to securely access private company resources. The company then used the easy to install Amazon Machine Image to deploy Access Server within the Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud that housed the other internal servers. Then they set up AWS Security Groups for those servers to limit incoming traffic to privileged ports from the Access Server.

To authenticate the employees with privileged access, they interfaced OpenVPN Access Server with their identity directory using RADIUS, and they implemented multi-factor authentication (MFA) by connecting to their MFA provider over RADIUS.

With the Access Server solution in place, employees access their applications securely from office or home — and the security administrators no longer manage cumbersome IP whitelists. By investing in OpenVPN Access Server, the company provides a secure remote access solution for its employees, with simple, effective management tools.

“If you need a secure and easily configurable VPN for your company, start your search with OpenVPN." - Company Software Engineer and Security Specialist

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