Introducing Subscriptions for Access Server

Introducing an all-new subscription billing system for OpenVPN Access Server, designed to help growing businesses.

Evolved for the Elastic Computing model of IaaS Cloud operations while retaining our economical and meaningful model of charging based on the needed number of simultaneous VPN connections.

While others charge based on the number of CPU cores or the bandwidth of the server, OpenVPN does not.

Our customers come first.

Say hello to a hassle-free billing system to manage your security with monthly and yearly subscriptions.

Cloud Friendly

Subscriptions are never locked to server hardware, which means you can auto-scale.


Instantly scale the number of your VPN connections up or down directly from the billing portal.

Maximize VPN Usage

Share VPN connections from the same subscription across multiple Access Servers.

Automatic Renewals

Put your monthly or yearly subscription on cruise control with our easy renewal system.

Questions? We have Answers.

Competitive Pricing

OpenVPN Access Server includes technical support and all future major and minor software upgrades. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges — what you see is what you get. This isn’t always the case with other solutions, and it is not always easy to find up-front pricing. In this chart, we provide a comparison: how does our product pricing fare next to other VPN providers. OpenVPN Access Server is still the most economical choice.

OpenVPN Access Server for 10 VPN Connections


Fortinet FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall


Cisco Adaptive Security Virtual Appliance - Standard Package


Barracuda CloudGen Firewall for AWS


SonicWall NSv (Firewall/Security/VPN/Router) - PAYG


Array Networks SSL VPN Entry (vxAG with 25 Concurrent Users)


Savings from Volume Tiers

You asked. We listened. An overwhelming majority of our customers asked for volume discounts on annual plans.

We introduced this possibility with subscriptions.

When the number of connections starts approaching 250 and above, the subscription pricing, with all its benefits, becomes comparable to and even better than license pricing.

Quantity of VPN Connections Annual License Cost Cost Per licensed
VPN Connection
Annual Subscription Cost Cost Per subscribed
VPN Connection
















Savings from Right-sizing

Consider this scenario:

Consider this example to understand the savings potential of using subscriptions and changing the same subscribed number of VPN connections across multiple Access Servers.

A business wants to deploy Access Server using IaaS provider in three USA regions to provide remote access in geographic proximity to where employees are located. Each region needs to have two servers for redundancy. The company needs to serve 200 concurrent connections for the east, west, and central coast but during inclement weather, capacity needed is 500 VPN connections as more people telecommute.

Solution with Licenses

Must purchase full amount of licenses for east, west and central cost as a precautionary measures.

Solution with Subscriptions

As bad weather will not happen at the same time across all geographies, company can use capacity from other regions during spikes. Accounts for a capacity need of 300.

Total VPN Connections Needed: 3000

Annual License Cost: $54,000

Total VPN Connections Needed: 900

Annual Subscription Cost: $15,000

Savings using Subscriptions

$39,000 per year

Feature Licenses Subscriptions

Each License Key can only handle one Access Server.

Easily activate one or more Access Servers using the same subscription.


License key(s) are tied to a physical server. Changing your server requires support tech to rekey.

Subscriptions are not locked to hardware. No need to rekey anything.

Scaling Connections

You must purchase a new license and activate it on your Access Server to add more VPN connections.

Scale the number of VPN connections on the same subscription, without having to activate anything else.

Adjusting Service

Revoking license(s) requires a tech support request.

Self manage your subscription, and scale down connections anytime.


You must renew licenses manually, which can be risky if you want to avoid service interruption.

With your payment information stored, set renewals automatically. Never worry about an outage.


Offline activation is supported

Maintaining constant access to is required

Yes. Based on Customer feedback, our new pricing model is something most are receptive given the advantages. Future software upgrades and support are included in the price of subscriptions. The number of VPN Connections included in your subscription limits the total number of simultaneous VPN connections that can be handled by one or more Access Server(s) using that subscription.

Connections Monthly Yearly
10 VPN Connections

$ 75.00

$ 720.00

25 VPN Connections

$ 150.00

$ 1,440.00

50 VPN Connections

$ 219.00

$ 2,100.00

100 VPN Connections

$ 300.00

$ 2,880.00

250 VPN Connections

$ 575.00

$ 5,520.00

500 VPN Connections

$ 1,094.00

$ 10,500.00

1000 VPN Connections

$ 1,563.00

$ 15,000.00

Yes. You will need to upgrade to 2.8.1+

Upgrading is easy. See this resource for more information: Updating OpenVPN Access Server

Absolutely. If you are already a customer, you can find your current licenses in a tab labeled ‘license keys’. You can still manage your account under our new interface. If you are a new customer and never had existing license keys, you will not be able to access licenses.

Yes, If you had ever purchased a license key before, purchasing new license keys is still an option available to you. While the demand for subscription came from the majority of our customers, we recognize some will still want to stick with the current system before making the decision to switch. If you are a new customer who does not have existing license keys, you will not be able to purchase licenses.

While most of our customers have expressed our licensing system is rigid, we understand some don’t want to be forced to change. That’s why we will not be automatically changing your account to subscription. The choice is yours. While subject to change, as of right now there is no end date to our licensing model. You can still access and even purchase licenses at any time.

Accessing new billing is easy. Simply sign in to your account here. Subscriptions can only be used by customers with Access Server 2.8.1 and above, which is why you will want to upgrade first if you are currently on an older release.

For questions, your best option is to submit a support ticket. To do this, log in to your account and click on support. We do our best to have an answer to you within 24 hours.

You can make the switch immediately, after upgrading to Access Server 2.8.1 or above (we recommend the latest version 2.8.3). Once signed in, just click on subscription on the top right hand corner. When your setup is complete, contact to have a Customer Success Representative cancel any licenses you no longer want active as a result.

Yes, we still accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. We also have PayPa l as an available option. If you need to pay through ACH or wire transfer, please contact

You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account. Click on cancel subscription inside the new billing portal. Any unused funds will be credited to your account for future usage. For refunds, contact

Depending on the selection you make, your subscription will renew automatically either monthly or annually on the date you made the purchase.

Ready for Subscriptions?

Whether you're a new customer or current customer, licenses and subscriptions are both available to purchase.

The choice is yours.

While subject to change, there is no end date to our licensing model.