Access Server Licensing and Subscriptions

The price of OpenVPN Access Server licensing recently changed to the same level of the subscription model.

This change reflects our continued efforts to invest in providing your business the most economical and secure product. We're always working to improve the OpenVPN experience and invest in privacy and encryption for our customers around the world.

Why did my OpenVPN licensing price change?

The pricing change follows this basic premise: the per connection price decreases as you buy more connections. Our old licensing model was the same price per connection and without volume discounts.

Existing customers may be eligible for a discount, when renewing in the year 2021. If so, this discount will be applied automatically on your account. Existing customers may also receive a one-time discount with the purchase of a new subscription. If you scale up after the first purchase subscription, that discount will also be reflected with those additional connections.

Is the old fixed licensing model still available?

Yes. If you need offline activation for your Access Server, you can still use and purchase fixed licenses. For all others, we recommend switching to subscriptions. They provide more benefits and are more economical.

Benefits of Subscriptions over Fixed License Keys

The Access Server Subscription Model is designed to help growing businesses. It is a hassle-free way to manage secure access to your VPN with monthly and yearly subscriptions.

  • Improved Portal

    An improved billing portal gives you visibility into your servers and your current active users.

  • Common Sense Billing

    You are only charged for the exact number of your simultaneous VPN connections.

  • Streamlined Scaling

    Instantly scale the number of your VPN connections up or down directly from the billing portal.

  • Temporary Remote Access

    Provide temporary VPN access to a group of users and scale connections at will.

  • Maximize VPN Usage

    Share VPN connections from the same subscription across multiple Access Servers.

  • Automatic Renewals

    Put your monthly or yearly subscription on cruise control with our easy renewal system.


You can find pricing information on our subscription pricing page. The previous fixed licensing model will have its price adjusted to match this. Rather than separate pricing tables there will be just one pricing method, making things simpler to understand. As of January 2021, the price will be the same whether you choose a fixed license key or a subscription. Note that fixed license keys are not available at monthly pricing, only in annual pricing. Subscriptions are available in monthly or annual pricing.

Subscription Fixed license key
Can be activated or deactivated multiple times

Share connections across servers

Scale connections up or down at will

Renewals can be done automatically

Can be activated offline (no Internet)

The subscription licensing model allows you to scale the number of VPN connections up or down anytime. If you scale down, we credit your account. If you scale up, we charge you per additional connection. And that’s it—your Access Servers with active subscriptions automatically pick up any changes.

In regards to billing, when you scale down your connections we recalculate the subscription cost and credit your account with the difference. The next time you purchase or renew a subscription, we use that credit on your account before charging any other payment method.

Upon request, our customer success team can calculate the value of the remainder of any fixed license keys and credit your account with that amount. When you buy a subscription or a subscription needs to be renewed, we use that credit on your account before charging any other payment method. Contact for assistance.

We offer a free subscription that allows two connections, so you can test it out and see how it works. You can sign up on our website and create a subscription activation key and apply it on the Activation page in your Access Servers. You can switch at any time, because any existing fixed license keys on your Access Servers are suppressed when the subscription is activated. Note that subscriptions require Access Server version 2.8.1 or later.

No. We tested switching a live Access Server with multiple active connections from a fixed license key to a subscription activation and it caused no disruptions or disconnections at all. However, we prefer to be safe and advise you to make these changes during a scheduled maintenance window.

No, you can continue to use any active fixed license keys, but eventually you’ll need to make a choice of either keeping the fixed licenses or upgrading to a subscription.

Yes, you can still purchase fixed licenses. Fixed licensing is the only model that allows offline activations, which is a requirement for a small number of customers. However, we recommend that our customers upgrade to the subscription model because it offers more flexibility than fixed licensing and the pricing of both models is being aligned in January 2021.

Competitive Pricing

OpenVPN Access Server includes technical support and all future software upgrades.

There are no hidden fees or surprise charges—what you see is what you get. It’s not always easy to find up-front pricing with other solutions. On top of that, you get free support using our support ticketing system. Here’s a comparison of how our product pricing compares to other VPN providers. OpenVPN Access Server is still the most economical choice, especially considering the new volume discount model: the per connection price decreases as you buy more connections.

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Use Cases

The best way to see the benefit of subscriptions over fixed licenses is to see subscriptions in action. Here are three use cases for you:

  1. A business using VMs or AWS instances: With fixed licenses, every time the VM or instance changes, you have to contact support to reissue a license. With a Subscription, all you have to do is launch a new server and use the exact same Subscription.

  2. A business using autoscaling: With a Subscription, there are no more set VPN connection tiers. You can purchase the exact number of connections you need. You can also share one subscription across all of your servers rather than purchasing one hardware-locked license for each server. Plus, subscriptions allow you to increase and decrease connections at will to account for situations such as a surge in employees working from home.

  3. A business with high availability setup: With multiple servers running, either in UCARP failover or as a cluster, each server requires a fixed license for your needs. With a Subscription, they can all share the same purchased Subscription, which simplifies licensing.