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Getting started

Visit our OpenVPN Support Center, where you can submit a support ticket.

Sign in to the Admin Web UI with your username and password from the initial configuration tool. Refer to Finishing Configuration of Access Server for details.

Use the static IP address of your VM.

You can download the OpenVPN Connect app from your Client Web UI. You can also download OpenVPN Connect directly from our site and import connection profiles.

Try the general Frequently Asked Questions page for questions regarding licensing, renewals, purchases, and administration.


During the setup of your VM, if you selected authentication with an SSH public key, you can use an SSH connection tool such as PuTTY to connect. Point to the IP address or hostname of your instance and load the private key file for authentication. Ensure you use the same key you used during setup. For more information, refer to Microsoft’s SSH documentation.

Azure Configuration

We provide preconfigured security groups and rules for the Access Server VM. Under NIC network security groups, you can see the preconfigured settings we defined.

When you launch a new Access Server VM, Azure assigns a static IP address in the Networking configuration step. You can view the static IP address settings by navigating to the Azure VM and clicking on the static IP address link.

On the static IP address configuration page, you can also set up a DNS name label with Azure. You can use this, in place of the IP address, to connect to your VPN server from your clients or reach your Admin and Client Web UIs.

OpenVPN Access Server Configuration

We recommend using a hostname instead of an IP address. Refer to Setting up your OpenVPN Access Server Hostname.

Access Server uses NAT by default. To configure routing instead, you must enable IP forwarding and assign route tables within your Azure network. Refer to the step-by-step instructions we provide for this on our Azure quick start guide.

For more information about OpenVPN Access Server, refer to our resource page: How to configure the OpenVPN Access Server.

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