Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


To renew your fixed license (Access Server):

  • Sign in to your existing account.
  • Click License KeysManage License Keys.
  • Click Renew a License Key.
  • Select the license key.
  • Click Checkout with credit card.
  • Complete the checkout.

Note: If you have a subscription, it renews automatically monthly or yearly, depending on your subscription.

To renew multiple license keys at once:

  • Sign in to your existing account.
  • Click License KeysManage License Keys.
  • Click Renew a License Key.
  • Select the license key.
  • Click Checkout with credit card.
  • Complete the checkout.

Yes, you can renew license keys in advance. When you do, the new term starts counting from the day after your current expiration date.Note: If you buy a new license key, it starts counting from the date of purchase and not the date of activation.

Your renewal cost is based on Access Server’s current market price and the number of licenses.


If your license key expired, recommend you purchase a new subscription. They’re cloud friendly, streamlined, renew automatically, and help you maximize your VPN usage.

Read more here: Access Server Pricing.

The licensing system counts the number of active VPN tunnels, making various scenarios possible. For example, you can configure one user account on your Access Server and establish VPN connections from multiple devices at the same time using the same username and password. You could use the same account on an iPad, a Windows computer, and two Mac laptops, all at the same time. With all devices connected simultaneous, you’re using four connections on the license. If your server is licensed for ten connections, that leaves six available connections.

It also works the other way around. You can have 500 user accounts on your Access Server, but only license it for 100 connections, and if 25 of those 500 users are connected then you can still connect 75 VPN tunnels with any of the 500 accounts. So, in other words, the licensing system does not look at how many user accounts you have, but how many VPN tunnels you have connected at one time. So if you have 500 user accounts, but you anticipate that only about 90 of them will ever be online at the same time, then a license key for 100 is perfectly fine.

When you reach your limit, such as when you have ten VPN tunnel connections active on a server licensed for ten, then anyone trying to establish the 11th connection will be denied access and receive a message that the licensed amount has been exceeded. When one of the currently connected tunnels is stopped, then that opens up a connection and the user can log in.

To activate your license key, please reference the license key activation tutorial.

To increase your license count, you can purchase a new license key for the desired number you would like to increase your connected devices. Once you activate your license key on your Admin Web UI, these will aggregate to the total.

You can also let your old license key expire and purchase a new license key for the total desired amount.

Or you may switch over to subscriptions, which allow you to scale up or down on demand.

If you wish to move your license key to another account, please follow the steps below:

  • Create a new account on our website by signing up for a new free account. Register an OpenVPN admin account here.
  • Request that your license key be moved from the original account to the new account.
  • Send us the new username and the license keys that you'd like to transfer.

A cluster is an active-active, high-availability setup. It means that all nodes within your cluster are active and allow incoming connections simultaneously.

To best support clusters, we recommend using subscriptions, which you can learn more about here: Pricing.

If you desire to stay with licenses, each node must have its own purchased license key(s) to unlock a certain number of concurrent connections.

For example, you could have four active nodes within a cluster and a total of 100 connections spread across those four nodes. So, you would purchase a separate license key for each of your nodes; you could have four separate keys with 25 connections each for a total of 100 connections.

For details on how to set this up, please see Setting up an OpenVPN Access Server cluster.


There can only be one registered admin email per account. We recommend creating an admin account and distributing the login information internally at your discretion.

If you need to change the admin email on your account, refer to our support article: Access Server Portal user email change procedure.

If your company was acquired, you will need to register a new admin account and ask for license key transfer.

The request must come from the registered email owner of the license keys or have the same domain name. Otherwise provide an older invoice with an explanation.

Please keep in mind that we are not able to manually adjust your account details. We require you to first set up a new account under the desired email address, and then request that we move the license key(s) to the new account.


If you’d like to purchase by PO, please reach out to us at and we can send a quote for your AP department for the number of licenses you require.


  1. 30 Day Net Terms.
  2. Include: Accounts Payable Email.
  3. Include: End User’s OpenVPN Registered Account for license upload.

Bank Wire Transfer & ACH Payment details are included on all invoices.

Please follow the steps below to edit and print your invoice for a fixed license key:

  • Sign in to your existing account.
  • Click License KeysManage License Keys.
  • Click Print Invoice for the license key.

If you’re having issues submitting a payment, try switching to PayPal. If you are still encountering issues, please submit a support ticket and we will be happy to assist you further.

If purchasing online is not convenient for your business, simply submit your renewal request to with the license keys you’d like to purchase or renew, and submit the purchase order.

When you purchase more connections, the price per connection goes down.

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