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Using Cloud to Secure Private IaaS Access

Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers can be directly accessed from the internet as well as your virtual private cloud network.


Many IaaS providers — Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Amazon Web Services (AWS) — offer convenient internet-accessible solutions like storage, databases, and other cloud service APIs. They’re convenient, but increase your application attack surface and data breach threats.

Limited PaaS platform provider security controls
A PaaS environment shared responsibility security model may not protect customer accounts, apps, and sensitive data hosted on the platform from cyberattacks.
IaaS environments need customer-implemented access control
IaaS focuses on virtual machine management, so customers need robust access control to limit user access to authorized apps and services only and reduce vulnerabilities.

Cloud Security Extends Reach and Simplifies IaaS Security

Cloud Connexa delivers functionality  that extends the reach of PaaS services available for private access through your virtual private cloud (VPC) to on-premises private networks and applications servers, resources in a different IaaS VPC, or end users. IaaS and PaaS Security can be reinforced by isolating access to these services from the internet, making them accessible only via a private network.

Using Cloud Connexa to access AWS/GCP/Azure services and APIs privately from other networks

cloud access other networks

Using Cloud Connexa to access AWS/GCP/Azure services and APIs privately from Application Servers

cloud access application servers

Using Cloud Connexa to access Software as a Service (SaaS) and AWS/GCP/Azure services privately from user devices

cloud access user devices

When you use Cloud Connexa to extend private services to on-premises data centers, between different IaaS environments, or directly to users you can also:

  • Use AWS, GCP, or Azure to set up private DNS zones for naming your private endpoint, then set Cloud Connexa DNS to use those DNS Servers.
  • Route to the correct connected network based on application domain names. Deploy lightweight VM(s) running Connector software, then configure Applications with domain names assigned to private endpoints, and routing will be accurate even if a private endpoint’s IP address overlaps in another network. 
  • Apply Access Controls to individual servers (Hosts), connected networks (including IP address subnets), and User Groups so you can easily authorize access to Applications offered via the private endpoints.
  • Maximize security by configuring a Host, Network, or User Group with access limited to services offered by private endpoints, blocking access to public internet and other services.
Minimized attack surface
Accurate, reliable routing
Granular Access Control
Robust security posture
Connect to Cloud Connexa with three free concurrent connections.