Remote User Connection

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Remote User Connection

Connect your two free connections with Google Authenticator MFA

In this tutorial

This tutorial walks a user through what it takes to setup Google Authenticator and login to OpenVPN Access Server for the first time.

Here are the six steps:

  1. The admin enables Google Authenticator, under Authentication > General
  2. User enters their credentials on your Client Web Service in their browser
  3. They receive a screen with a QR Code
  4. User opens Google Authenticator and scans the code
  5. User enters the six-digit code they receive and click Confirm Code
  6. User can download the client for their appropriate OS

From the Client Web Service screen that displays after a successful login, the user can also choose to change their password. To do this, the admin needs to grant the user permission to do this from the More Settings option for the specific user in the Admin Web UI. The user will then see the button Change Password once they’ve logged in through the browser.