Introduction To Access Server Logs

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Introduction To Access Server Logs Tutorial

Querying and utilizing Access Server logs: Your final step

In this tutorial

This tutorial gives you an introduction to Access Server Logs from two locations: within the Admin Web UI and through the Linux command line.

Access Server Logs through Admin Web UI:

  1. Login to the Admin Web UI
  2. Go to Status > Log Reports
  3. Sort the report by any column heading
  4. Filter records with a quick search using the filter records field
  5. Narrow down search using Query by Start Time to define specific timeframes
  6. Narrow search results by limiting the number of log entries using Filter by Number of Log Entries

Access Server Logs through Linux command line:

  1. All log messages are initially sent to /var/log/openvpnas.log file and to a SQLite3 database
  2. List out the var/log directory by entering the command ls -lah /var/log
  3. You can see that the Access Server log rotates automatically