What is OpenVPN Access Server?

OpenVPN Access Server is a set of installation and configuration tools that come in one package that simplifies the rapid deployment of a VPN remote access solution. At its core it is based on the popular OpenVPN open source software project, and maintains compatibility with it, making the deployed VPN immediately compatible with OpenVPN client software across multiple platforms and devices. Where the open source solution requires a high degree of knowledge regarding all the configuration options possible with the software, OpenVPN Access Server instead offers a web based interface where the options are laid out in a graphic user interface that helps ease the learning curve. It also comes with a built-in set of installer file for OpenVPN Connect Client, the client software used to connect Windows and macOS computers to an OpenVPN Access Server, and these come preconfigured for use immediately after installation. There are also clients available for Android, and iOS, and these clients have a built-in option to import the required settings from an Access Server, making deployment on a client device very easy. Linux is supported through the use of the open source OpenVPN project available by default on most major distributions of Linux. Thus, OpenVPN Access Server streamlines the configuration and management of an OpenVPN based secure remote access deployment.