Easily Automate with CLI Tools and Web API

Save time and energy by automating tasks with CLI tools and the XML-RPC API.

Overcome Staff Shortages and Tight Budgets with Automation

When your team runs lean and your budget is tight, finding efficiencies wherever you can is critical. Automation boosts productivity by freeing up staff to focus on more complex business-critical tasks


Access Server makes it easy to automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks

Provisioning users and devices, creating connection profiles, and other repetitive, time-consuming tasks are part of your job. But what if you could cut down on how much time you spend on them? With the CLI tools and XML-RPC API included with Access Server, you can.

  • Automate User Provisioning

    We make it easy to automate tasks (e.g., new user creation) using your own programs and custom settings via the Command Line Interface (CLI) or API.

  • Create Connection Profiles Programmatically

    Create connection profiles with the CLI or API then distribute them to user devices using device management systems or installing them directly.

  • Import Profiles Into Custom Clients

    No need to manually provision devices with the connection profile – the client can use a web services API to fetch the connection profile directly from the Access Server.

  • Integrate External System

    APIs bring unmatched efficiency to your operations by allowing you to integrate device onboarding, network automation, and other systems.

  • Configure Access Server Programmatically

    The CLI tools and the API offer complete control of Access Server, allowing even advanced settings not available in the Admin Web UI.

  • Develop Your Own Management Systems

    You have unique needs – integrate Access Server into your existing solutions. Access Server even supports a completely custom authentication system..


Using a simple debug flag described in our XML-RPC interface documentation, you can see exactly how the command-line interface tools drive the Access Server API, making it trivial to replicate this in your own applications.

Get started on the Access Server command-line interface tools page. From there, you can find links to different uses of the CLI, such as managing your users and groups, creating connection profiles, and authentication options.

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