“Today, companies are looking for more security and digital privacy. OpenVPN provides both, and is powerful and flexible.” - Daniel M.

It allows me to fix problems for my users and control my infrastructure when I'm out traveling, and that is the thing I appreciate most.

- John Kristian A.

The OpenVPN Access Server AMI is a great out-of-the-box VPN solution for your AWS VPC.

- Alex H.

Thanks to OpenVPN I can safely use the Internet on all devices without worrying about data leakage.

- Konstantyn W.

OpenVPN is a mature product that does both server and client sides right. It is also easier to maintain and use than more expensive products

- Oleg S.

It's efficient, secure, and the clients can be of any operative system, all are compatible. You can totally tune your configuration and there are lots of possibilities.

- Judith C.

OpenVPN helps me control the connections and data access in my organization, we have modified it to fit our needs. It has improved the monitoring of remote workers remarkably.

- Daniel M.

In our company there are many employees who work remotely, and with this software we can create tunnels with limited access to the necessary data.

- Joey L.

Having a powerful 256-bit encryption helps me keep my connections anonymous and secure, and provides webrtc protection.

- Frederik G.

The OpenVPN virtual appliance allows us to give users an "in office" experience when they are working remotely.

- Ryan C

OpenVPN offers users a very simple and secure VPN option that is both economical and quick to install. Users are able to easily install it on their client devices.

- John G.

Why Organizations Use OpenVPN


Mike Munro / IT Manager

Mach Alert Inc.

Joseph Ancion / Systems Analyst


Olawale Olaleye / Infrastucture Engineering Lead

HVAC Elements Group

Joel Brunick / IT Manager

Geospatial Company

Justin Shin / Security Specialist

3D Cart

Elias Avila / IT Director

Jym / Chief Technology Officer


Marco Renda / CEO

Cranston IT

Patrick Cranston / President


Marcelo Domingos / CEO

Learn How To Incorporate OpenVPN to Fit Your Needs Perfectly


Provide a single identity solution for your employees to access different applications and tools.
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Easily connect all of your different locations to the primary network.
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Access Control

Determine who has access to your network, and how much access they have.
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Remote Access

Provide secure network access to your geographically distributed teams.
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Strengthen and streamline identity security and management.
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Securely access data stored on the cloud, from anywhere.
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Internet of Things

Securely transfer sensitive data to and from all of your connected devices.
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Remote Desktop

Securely access your desktop no matter where you are.
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Utilize Access Server with Google Authenticator and AWS MFA.
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Payment Systems

Safeguard your customer's financial data by protecting payment systems.
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Who Is Access Server For?

No matter what your end goals are for your business, Access Server can help you get there.
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Understanding Free Connections

Access Server is free to install and use for a maximum of two simultaneous VPN connections.
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What People are Saying

    Jeremy F.
    Application Development Lead at Intelligent Pathways

    Low effort and highly reliable client to VPC VPN

    "The availability of client software for all operating systems and mobile devices means my customers can connect regardless of their setup."

    Jason K.
    CTO at REPAY

    Great VPN option for the Cloud

    "I like that it's easy to install in AWS. Easy to configure options, add users, and that it has two factor authentication built in. You can configure the system to allow connections on common ports so that you're able to connect from pretty much anywhere in the world. You can also setup certain public IPs to route through the VPN in order to make use of static IP whitelisting."

    John G.
    Managing Partner at Anovys, LLC

    Secure, easy and scalable

    "OpenVPN offers users a very simple and secure VPN option that is both economical and quick to install. Users are able to easily install it on their client devices."

    Johnathan B.
    Network Engineer at Surry Telephone

    Great VPN experience

    "It just works! I love how easy it is to access my server and get VPN access going on any device, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It's easy to install and configure, and I never have any problems with it. Configuring and updating my own server is super simple. In my experience, I've always had some difficulty setting up hardware VPN appliances, but OpenVPN was no-nonsense. I also love that..."

    Alex H.
    Senior Director, Systems Operations at DGDean

    A solid, secure VPN solution

    "- The OpenVPN Access Server AMI is a great out of the box VPN solution for your AWS VPC. - We were able to easily connect to our Active Directory in AWS to the OpenVPN Access Server and enable 2-factor requirements via Google Authenticator. - Supports PAM, RADIUS, and LDAP. - This solution replaced our clients deprecated PPTP solution. OpenVPN is consistently rated among the most secure VPN..."

    Josh W.
    Systems Administrator at nexgen|packaging, LLC

    Excellent, flexible solution for our Azure environment

    "The documentation & excellent technical support."
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