Secure, Reliable Virtualized Networking for Education

Whether it’s K-12 or institutions of higher learning, schools are prime targets for bad actors who want to take advantage of network vulnerabilities to steal student, staff, and research data.

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The Costs and Risks of Legacy Networking

Online learning and digital devices ensure students at all levels can complete coursework anywhere, at any time. But that also expands the digital endpoints cybercriminals can exploit.

Education institutions are continually defending against a variety of cyberattacks that have the potential to hamper operations and put staff and student data — personal and financial — at risk.

The list of threats is long — student tablets and laptops, security sensors, even building thermometers — each representing a potential breach opportunity that can’t be mitigated with traditional network strategies.

Network Security Challenges for Educational Institutions

  • Ensuring security for online learning applications and mobile devices used over public networks.

  • Protecting remote access for a growing array of SaaS applications.

  • Enabling and maintaining secure access to student, staff, research, and institutional data.

  • Managing traditional networking hardware that can be resource-intensive, complex, and costly.

  • Providing point-to-point connections while maintaining scalability and flexibility.

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Trusted Leader in Secure Virtualized Networking

OpenVPN® is the market-proven leader in secure virtualized networking. Our cloud-based platform enables organizations to maintain secure communication between their distributed workforce, IoT/IIoT devices, and the online services they rely on daily. Built on the market-proven OpenVPN protocol, the solution combines advanced network security, encrypted remote access, and content filtering into a virtualized secure network that provides the best of VPN and ZTNA security.

With over 60 million downloads of our core open source software and over 20,000 commercial customers, OpenVPN is recognized as a global leader in secure networking.

Secure Connectivity that Scales with Your Business

With Cloud Connexa you can quickly and cost-effectively provide secure remote access to applications — on-premise, cloud, and SaaS — for your distributed workforce using a secure, virtualized, and reliable modern network.

Because Cloud Connexa is entirely flexible and dynamic, you can easily add, remove, and manage users, devices, and applications as an integral part of your digital transformation initiatives. You are no longer required to manage a complex array of rigid and expensive network and security devices that only provide part of the solution. Cloud Connexa provides a single, cost-effective networking solution that is ideal for securing your distributed networks and communications.
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Addressing Cyber Threats with Cloud-Based Security Solutions

Digital tools expand learning opportunities for teachers and students, but they come with new risks. Fortunately, you can deploy cloud-based security to keep student, faculty, and research data safe with:
  • A worldwide meshed private network

    Securely connects all private networks and distributed applications.

  • Application domain-based routing

    Zero Trust Access to applications and prevention of lateral movement.

  • Identity Management

    Single sign-on with identity-based access control.

  • Content filtering and IDS/IPS

    Reduce costs with integrated advanced security features.

  • Secure, high performance tunneling

    Tunnel traffic to 3rd-party security gateways and prevent untrusted access.

  • Easy on-demand provisioning

    Reduce demands on overworked IT and networking staff.

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OpenVPN helps you easily create a secure, virtualized, reliable network that ensures secure communications between your networks, applications, devices, and workforce.