Security Advisory

The CLOUDBLEED vulnerability


Google security researcher Tavis Ormandy recently found a bug in the Cloudflare service. You can read more about this on a recent blogpost by Cloudflare. The and website both sit behind Cloudflare, a popular content distribution network, for enhanced speed and security. After carefully reviewing the data we feel confident that information was not compromised on our web properties, since the features that are claimed to have been affected were not currently or previously enabled for either of our websites.


That aside and in case we missed something, it is always a good idea to change passwords when something like this occurs and it is never a bad practice to change passwords on a recurring basis. In other words, we recommend you change your passwords as a precaution. We do not store any Credit Card information or sensitive user information on either of our web properties, so even if there was in fact a leak, all they would get are passwords.

There were many other websites that you probably visit that sit behind Cloudflare, so we encourage you to please take a look at this list to see if there was a chance any other sites you have accounts on were possibly compromised. If so we advise you replace your passwords there as well just to be safe.