How to set up a site-to-site network with Access Server

Sean shows you the initial setup for a site-to-site network with Access Server in your main network, and an OpenVPN client installed at a branch network.

In this tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to set up Access Server and an OpenVPN client to create a site-to-site network between two separate business networks. Note: When you create a site-to-site setup, ensure you define routing tables per your desired packet destinations.

How to set up a site-to-site network with Access Server:

  1. Gather your subnet and IP addresses for your network.
  2. Enable routing in Access Server, located in one network.
  3. Create a user with auto-login privileges for the OpenVPN client gateway.
  4. Download the new user connection profile.
  5. Install the OpenVPN client app in the branch network.
  6. Load the connection profile as a client app config file.
  7. Enable IP forwarding.
  8. Reboot the client machine to connect to the Access Server VPN.
  9. View the client connected as a current user.
  10. Test the connection from the branch network.
  11. Define the routing tables with static routes.

The final step depends on your networks: defining the routing tables. The routers on each network maintain lists of subnets and where they can be reached. These are the routing tables and must be edited to include rules that match your packet's destination address for forwarding packets. For details, refer to our site-to-site documentation.