How to set up a secondary network interface on an OpenVPN Access Server ESXi VM

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How to Set Up a Secondary Network Interface on an Access Server ESXi VM

Learn how to add a secondary network interface for your virtual machine running OpenVPN Access Server.

In this tutorial

This tutorial provides you with step-by-step instructions for adding a secondary network interface to your ESXi virtual machine running OpenVPN Access Server. The steps below outline what’s covered for you in the tutorial.

Set up secondary network interface:

  1. Login to the virtual machine.
  2. Review the network interfaces configured for the VM.
  3. Go to Actions > Edit Settings in ESXi to bring up the VM configuration.
  4. Click Add Network Adapter.
  5. Change adapter type to E1000 (recommended).
  6. Click Save.
  7. Edit the network configuration file in the netplan directory to add ethernet 1.
  8. Save the file and run netplan apply.
  9. Test the connection by pinging another machine on the secondary network.
  10. Restart OpenVPN Access Server.