How to Query Logs in Access Server

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How to Query Logs in Access Server

Sean shows you how to query Access Server's logs in this video.

In this tutorial

This tutorial guides you through querying Access Server logs. You can use the Admin Web UI to search the log files from your web browser or you can use a console to query via the command line interface.

How to query logs in Access Server:​

  1. Sign in to your Admin Web UI and click ​Log Reports​​.
  2. Query the logs without a filter.
  3. Query logs by specific times and dates.
  4. Filter the output of your log query.
  5. Use the search box to find specific users, keywords, IP addresses, and more.
  6. Connect to the console to query using the command line interface.
  7. Use the ​logdba​ tool​ to query the log files.
  8. Enter commands to query the log by IP addresses, services, and other available filters in the tool.