How to install Access Server on Ubuntu

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How to install Access Server on Ubuntu

Sean shows you how to install OpenVPN Access Server in five minutes on an Ubuntu system.

In this tutorial

This tutorial shows you the steps to install and launch the OpenVPN Access Server on Ubuntu.

How to install Access Server on Ubuntu:

  1. Sign into the Access Server portal on our website.
  2. Purchase a subscription for your desired VPN connections.
  3. Click ​Get Access Server​ and ​Ubuntu​​ to find the install instructions for your Ubuntu version.
  4. Copy the commands and paste them in your terminal for your Ubuntu server.
  5. After installing, make note of the installation information from the output: the Admin Web UI URL; the Client Web UI URL; and the admin account with its temporary password.
  6. Open a web browser and sign in to the Admin Web UI at the provided URL.
  7. Copy your new subscription activation key from the Access Server portal and paste it in the activation window.
  8. After activating your Access Server with your subscription, change the password for your ​openvpn​​ admin user.