How to install Access Server on Azure

Sean shows you how to install Access Server on Azure, Microsoft's cloud platform.

In this tutorial

This tutorial shows you the step to use the Azure pre-built image for Access Server to launch the VPN server with only a few steps.

How to install Access Server on Azure:

  1. Sign into the Access Server portal.
  2. Select Azure from the Access Server installation options in the portal.
  3. Choose the Access Server VM from the Azure marketplace.
  4. Step through the options to create the virtual machine (give it a name, select an SSH key, review the network security group, etc.).
  5. Connect to the VM with an SSH session and go through the AS configuration tool.
  6. Set a password for the admin user, or let the config tool generate a temporary password.
  7. From a web browser, connect to the Admin Web UI on the VM public IP address with the admin user and password.
  8. Purchase and activate your subscription.