All OpenVPN Access Server downloads come with 2 free connected devices for testing purposes.

Device License Pricing

$15.00 License Fee Per Connected Device Per Year. Support & Updates included. Minimum purchase of 10 connected devices.

OpenVPN Access Server license keys can be purchased for more than one year at the discount listed in the following table:

License Term Price Discount
1 Year $15.00 Per Connected Device  
2 Years $28.50 Per Connected Device 5%
3 Years $40.50 Per Connected Device 10%
4 Years $51.00 Per Connected Device 15%
5 Years $60.00 Per Connected Device 20%

If you need even more convenience, flexibility, and scalability OpenVPN Access Server is now available as a Tiered product bundled with your Amazon account at AWS Marketplace. Check it out here:

Pricing as of Aug 01, 2016. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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