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Cyber Threat Protection and Content Filtering

How often do we take secure access to the internet for granted? It’s important that we protect ourselves against common cyber attacks such as DNS hijacking and phishing.


No matter where or how you connect to the internet, you can be at risk of different online attacks.

Securing DNS queries
How can you protect yourself from an attack on DNS resolutions? These happen when hackers exploit a crucial part of the internet infrastructure.
Preventing man-in-the-middle attacks
Attackers can set up rogue DNS servers mid-stream to redirect traffic to their own bogus servers. How can you guard against these attacks?
Cyber security without traffic tunneling
Use of a Consumer VPN comes with the risk of your device being assigned a blacklisted public IP address. How can you get cyber security without tunneling your internet traffic?
Blocking cyber threats and unwanted content
As the threat landscape continues to expand, how can you be vigilant in protecting your devices from malware and unwanted content?

OpenVPN Solutions for Cyber Threat Protection and Content Filtering

You can sign up for a secure and free personal VPN with OpenVPN Cloud. Our enterprise solution is available with three free connections for businesses and individuals. Once you sign up and connect, you have immediate protection against DNS Man in the middle (MITM) attacks. Businesses can also set up OpenVPN Cyber Shield DNS-based content filtering, to monitor and block domain names by content category managing the websites accessed by their workforce and keeping them safe from websites that host malware and other malicious content.

openvpn cloud for dns security

  • As soon as you connect to OpenVPN Cloud with the OpenVPN Connect app, your DNS queries are sent through an encrypted VPN tunnel to the OpenVPN DNS servers while your data traffic bypasses the VPN tunnel. You can even specify your own, preferred DNS servers. This eliminates the potential for DNS attacks based on the man-in-the-middle scenario.
  • OpenVPN Cloud Shield provides domain monitoring and blocking by category to protect you from cyber threats and unwanted content. You can block access to websites hosting content associated with any one of these categories: Advertising/Trackers, Malware, Adult Content, Alcohol/Tobacco/Drugs, Gambling, Hacking and Cracking, P2P, and Proxies.
  • To use Shield you do not need to tunnel all your internet traffic through the VPN and therefore do not get assigned a pubic IP address by OpenVPN Cloud. The assigned shared IP address from consumer VPN providers might be blacklisted because of illicit activities carried out by other users. This may prevent you from accessing legitimate sites. If you so desire, you can use your own private internet gateway to tunnel all traffic to the internet via OpenVPN Cloud or just the traffic to specific internet domain names.
Protection against DNS attacks
Security from malicious websites
Cybersecurity without tunneling traffic
Connect to OpenVPN Cloud with three free concurrent connections.