What can I expect when setting up an account for my MSP customers?

OpenVPN Cloud Connexa and Access Server are free to install and use for a maximum of three/two simultaneous VPN connections (respectively). You can trial the full feature set without having to pay anything up front. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to test our products in a live environment for your customers. When you’re ready to add more, you can seamlessly transition without having to start fresh. 

When you’re ready to connect more users, you can send an email to Sales@openvpn.net or open a Sales & Billing Ticket here with the Cloud ID you want to activate, the desired amount of connections, and terms. We’ll send you a quote, and can submit a PO followed by an Invoice for credit card payment or additional payment methods. If you have larger projects that require more than the 2 test connections, we can provide those to your team at your request.