Are Amazon charges separate from Access Server?

On Amazon AWS we offer tiered instances on the AWS Marketplace. These have a (xx connected devices) at the end of the title. This indicates that if you launch and use that type of Amazon AWS EC2 instance, it will be automatically licensed for the stated number of connections. This software licensing gets billed directly through Amazon AWS as software licensing costs. The infrastructure costs for this EC2 instance are also billed through Amazon AWS.

If you use the OpenVPN Access Server offering on Amazon AWS that operates under the BYOL (Bring Your Own License) model, then you pay Amazon AWS for the infrastructure costs of running such an EC2 instance, and the Access Server will start out unlicensed and allow only 2 connections. You can then choose to purchase an activation key from our website and activate it on that Access Server to unlock a certain number of connections. That then gets billed by OpenVPN Inc. separately.