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OpenVPN Self-Hosted / Access Server

Software Packages & Virtual Appliances.

Our self-hosted solution, Access Server, requires package installation. Your options include software packages for Linux, Virtual Appliances, and Cloud Images available to quickly launch via our portal.

Latest Version: Access Server 2.8.8

Release Notes

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OpenVPN Self-Hosted on AWS / Access Server on AWS

Launch Access Server on AWS in minutes

Our Amazon AWS launcher lets you launch an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS image on AWS with OpenVPN Access Server already preinstalled. Available exclusively from inside the Access Server portal.

  • Easily install the latest version of Access Server on AWS immediately after acquiring a subscription.
  • Have direct access to the Access Server’s administration portal without needing to SSH and initialize the Access Server.
  • Horizontally scale your installation and share VPN connections by launching multiple Access Servers using the same subscription key.

Cloud images are also available directly on Azure, Digital Ocean, Oracle, and Google Cloud. Click below to get started with your IaaS of choice.

OpenVPN-as-a-Service / OpenVPN Cloud

OpenVPN Cloud

For OpenVPN Cloud, there is nothing to install, so you can experience the service for free within minutes. OpenVPN Cloud comes with three free connections.

OpenVPN Client / OpenVPN Connect

OpenVPN Connect

OpenVPN Connect is our official client. Use OpenVPN Connect to connect to OpenVPN Cloud, Access Server or any OpenVPN compatible server/service. Select your platform and download here.

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