OpenVPN Security Advisory: Dec 14, 2018
Action needed: Important update for OpenVPN Access Server
Leverage the OpenVPN 1-Click App

Access Server: your Digital Ocean VPN

  • Extend your Digital Ocean Private Networking to remote users and other sites using OpenVPN Access Server
  • Create hub-spoke, mesh, or other network topology to interconnect all your sites together with our Digital Ocean Marketplace VPN
  • Provide secure, remote access to applications deployed on Digital Ocean droplets

access server VPN for DigitalOcean

OpenVPN Access Server for DigitalOcean

  • Safely connect your devices over the public Internet to your own private secure Digital Ocean Ubuntu VPN
  • Manage security and granular remote access to your internal network and/or private cloud network resources and applications
  • OpenVPN clients provide cross-compatibility to support any user device with Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows, for secure access to Cloud resources
  • Administrator web portal provides intuitive server configuration and setup of granular access control
  • Easily create an OpenVPN Access Server Droplet using the Digital Ocean API

Remote User

  • Provide secure remote access to Digital Ocean Private Networking
  • Co-locate VPN Server with your geographically distributed cloud resources for faster worldwide remote access
  • Private Network

  • Use the OpenVPN Access Server 1-Click App via the DigitalOcean control panel to set up SSL/TLS VPN for site-to-site tunnels instead of using complex IPsec
  • Network your resources together in other regions, clouds, or on-premise data centers
  • DigitalOcean Pricing For Access Server VPN

    Bring Your Own License (BYOL) Pricing

    NOTE: All OpenVPN Access Server downloads come with 2 free connected devices for testing purposes.

    $15.00 License Fee Per Connected Device Per Year. Support & Updates included. Minimum purchase of 10 connected devices. OpenVPN Access Server license keys can be purchased for more than one year at the discount listed in the following table:

    License Term PricePer Connected Device Discount
    1 Year $15.00 0%
    2 Year $14.25 5%
    3 Year $13.50 10%
    4 Year $12.75 15%
    5 Year $12.00 20%
    Purchase License Keys For Digital Ocean Here

    Pricing as of Aug 01, 2016.
    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.