How to Enable SAML for Authentication with Access Server and Onelogin

Sean shows you how to set up your Onelogin directory for signing into Access Server via SAML.

In this tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to enable SAML authentication and set up the configuration with Onelogin. This sets up Access Server as the service provider (SP) and Onelogin as the identity provider (IdP).

How to enable SAML for authentication with Access Server and Onelogin:

  1. Sign in to the Admin Web UI and go to Authentication > SAML.
  2. Save the SP URLs.
  3. Sign in to your Onelogin dashboard and click to add a new SAML application.
  4. Configure your new app with the SP URLs in the appropriate fields.
  5. Save the SAML app's issuer URL.
  6. On the Admin Web UI, enable SAML then provide the issuer URL to configure the IdP automatically.