OpenVPN Channel Partner Registration Process

Interested in becoming an OpenVPN  Channel Partner?

Take advantage of the growing cybersecurity market by partnering with OpenVPN. As an OpenVPN Channel Partner with either OpenVPN Access Server or CloudConnexa, you can combine our technology and innovation with your business — and provide top-notch security to your customers while maximizing your earnings.

How to Get Started

1. Apply to Become a Channel Partner

The first step is filling out an application. After you’ve filled out an application, a member of our team will be in contact with you shortly.

2. Onboard End-Customers

Once your application has been approved and our team has contacted you, it will be time to onboard your end-customers.

Have your end-customer register an OpenVPN account here and choose either Access Server or CloudConnexa

Product Resources - A few tools to help you support your end-users.

Access Server:


Support - Access our support team to help you set up

3. Channel Partner Management Options

There are two strategies our resellers take. Review them here and decide which is right for you:

  1. AWS Marketplace Channel Program for Access Server: All OpenVPN resellers can register for the AWS Marketplace Channel Program and receive reseller incentives from OpenVPN + AWS Marketplace on all OpenVPN Access Server Tiered Product purchases. Learn more about the AWS Marketplace Channel Program.

  2. Full Management for Access Server: Purchase an Access Server subscription for end-customer(s) and fully manage their account. To do this, after getting registered and setup, go to “Subscriptions,” then “Edit Subscription” to add a company name. Additionally, you can go to “Subscriptions,” then “Access Server Information” to update the email address which will receive account updates.

  3. Full Management for CloudConnexa: Purchase an CloudConnexa subscription for end-customer(s) and fully manage their account.

If accepted to become an OpenVPN Channel Partner, you agree to the Channel Partner Terms , as amended from time to time.