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Automatic Profile Distribution

What is it?

This configuration option provides control over the means of distribution of the Profile to Users of the WPC. If Automatic distribution is selected, the User can retrieve profiles using credentials (see, User downloading app, getting profile and connecting). The User can also manage their Devices in the User Portal (User adds new device from User Portal).

Who should use this?

The Administrator should use this to control the means of Profile distribution. The other option to distribute profiles is Manual Profile Distribution.

Why should I use this?

This option allows the Administrator to tailor the Profile distribution based on the security model and other tools currently in use.

Automatic Profile Distribution

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When should I make use of this?

Some reasons an Administrator may want to use Automatic distribution are:


To enable Device Identity Verification & Enforcement (DIVE), read our User Guide.

Show me how to configure it:

Automatic Profile distribution is the default option.