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OpenVPN Connect Documentation

Connection Profiles


Using connection profiles with the OpenVPN Connect mobile app. OpenVPN connection profiles are .ovpn files.

Understanding Connection Profiles

Connection profiles (.ovpn text files) contain the directives, parameters, and certificates required to establish the client-server VPN connection. These commonly include addresses and ports to contact the server, information for verifying peer identity, securing the TLS control channel, and other settings.

There are different types of connection profiles for different use cases. Understanding your choices in connection profiles should help you select the best connection profile for your clients and users.

With OpenVPN Connect, you have three options for obtaining a connection profile:

  1. Install OpenVPN Connect with a bundled profile: You download the app installer with a connection profile for Access Server or CloudConnexa.

  2. Import a connection profile from file: Refer to the steps for your operating system — Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android.

  3. Import a connection profile from URL: You can import a profile from a URL specific to Access Server or CloudConnexa.