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How to Get Your Connection Profile

OpenVPN Connect works with all OpenVPN protocol-compatible VPN servers or services but doesn't offer a built-in VPN service. Instead, it's the way you connect with your VPN service. You need a connection profile to connect to an OpenVPN protocol-compatible VPN server or service. This file contains the directives, parameters, and certificates required to establish the client-server VPN connection.

Below, you'll find the options for getting your connection profile.

Using a VPN at work?

Your business might use one of our products: Access Server or CloudConnexa. If you installed OpenVPN Connect at the request of your IT department, contact them at this point for further instructions. They'll be able to help you get your connection profile.

Looking to build your own network security?

Explore the OpenVPN products below and decide which is right for you.

An enterprise-grade business software VPN solution that is highly scalable and easy to deploy.

Want to use a VPN for cybersecurity, secure internet access, or remote access?

If you want secure internet access on your terms, consider running your own VPN server. Our software VPN server, Access Server, comes with two free connections. You can easily run it on DigitalOcean, #1 in IaaS usability, and they'll give you $200 credits to start.

Sign up with Access Server today to get those free connections.

Get started with Access Server >

Once you've installed Access Server, you can get users and devices connected:

A cloud-delivered service that creates a secure overlay network for all your connectivity needs — in minutes.

Looking for a managed service?

Connect your internet gateways and private networks to a cloud-delivered service like CloudConnexa, and let us run the VPN server infrastructure.

Domain filtering on CloudConnexa will protect you from malware and other cyber threats.

Connect a droplet from DigitalOcean, #1 in IaaS usability, and they'll give you $200 credits for secure internet access.

Get started with CloudConnexa >

With CloudConnexa, you'll get three free connections. This video shows you how to combine those with DigitalOcean to get truly secure internet access:

With CloudConnexa setup, you can get users connected:

Still not sure which product is right for you? Let us help.

Schedule a product demo >

Using an OpenVPN-compatible VPN service or server?

OpenVPN is a de facto VPN standard many consumer VPN providers use, and many recommend using the OpenVPN Connect app to access their services.

  • If you signed up for a consumer VPN, contact them for further instructions on obtaining a connection profile to connect to their service.

  • If you are trying to connect to an OpenVPN-compatible router or server, check that router/server manufacturer's website for instructions.

  • If you use the OpenVPN community edition, check the Community Wiki and Forum for help.