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OpenVPN Connect User Guide

This guide contains helpful documentation about using OpenVPN Connect to create a secure connection with Access Server, CloudConnexa, or other OpenVPN-protocol servers.

Use the documentation menu to find what you need, or click the most helpful link below.

Get connected

Import connection profiles to connect with a server.

OpenVPN Connect doesn't provide VPN service

OpenVPN Connect works with all OpenVPN protocol-compatible VPN servers or services but doesn't offer a built-in VPN service. Instead, it's the way you connect with your VPN service through a connection profile.

Refer to How to Get Your Connection Profile.

Add proxies and certs

Add optional proxies or certificates and tokens.

Get authenticated

Set up basic, SAML, or MFA as your user authentication.

Fix issues

Check out troubleshooting FAQs and topics.

OpenVPN Connect for your OS

Read specifics about the app on your device.

End-to-end usage flow of OpenVPN Connect

OpenVPN Connect usage flow

The diagram above shows how you can get started with OpenVPN Connect by following several simple steps:

  1. Install the app for your operating system.

  2. Import the connection profile from your VPN provider.

  3. (Optional) Customize the app settings if needed.

  4. You're ready to go with a fast, secure connection.