What Is Network Security Management?

Network Security Management is comprised of the various procedures that network administrators use to restrict access to only authorized users.

Network management consists of preventing and protecting against unauthorized encroachment into the corporate network. Network security focuses on how devices interact rather than on the actual devices, like endpoint security. Network security and endpoint security go hand-in-hand. Network security management decreases the number of tasks the administrator needs to perform through the use of different tools and protocols. It also helps prevent human error through the implementation of policies and procedures. Network security management also helps mitigate the chances of a data breach by providing organized and timely information into threats and vulnerabilities. There is a wide array of techniques and tools that can be used for network management, such as access control, application security, email security, firewalls, VPNs, and much more. OpenVPN’s business VPN, Access Server, is a network security management solution that provides access control, application security, email security, mobile device security, and web security.

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